Bachelor Party


The worst thing that can happen at a bachelor party is hours of uneventful transportation between locations. At Paintball Arena, we have gathered everything required for an amazing bachelor party at the same place.

All our fun and challenging activities (except Climbing Relay) are hosted indoors, so you don’t have to rely on the weather gods. Furthermore, we have free showers and changing rooms. All gathered centrally in Copenhagen at Refshaleøen, Amager.

At Paintball Arena you can crown the king of the crew by competing in Paintball, Bow Combat, Laser Games or try some of the many other fun activities; more than 16 of its kind.

Of course, we make sure that the groom is at the center of attention. Consider buying an animal costumer for the groom for only 275 DKK.

For dinner plans you can opt for our Grill Party, typically held after the activities (booking needs to be done in advance), or some of our many other on-site dinner options.
If you plan to continue your evening in the Copenhagen night life, the center is only 20 minutes away with public transport.


Example of a popular bachelor party package:

Paintball w/400 bullets + 1 optional event*

  • 550,- per participant (min. payment of 8 participants)

Price example for 12 adults: 6600 DKK VAT included

3 hours

6-85 px




*Choose between the following indoor events:








The package includes:

  • Free showers
  • A true playground for adults and kids alike with more than 16 unique activities
  • More than 12.000 m2 of fun inside the historical hallmark B&W building
  • Personal host who guides, instructs and sets the mood for a great experience
  • Reduced pricing system for larger groups



Inspiration for other combinations

Many of our guests choose to combine Paintball with a second main activity. Learn more about these activities below:




Bachelorette Party


At Paintball Arena we specialize in both bachelorette and bachelor parties.

Among our most popular activities for our many bachelorette parties are Sumo Relay, Laser Games, Climbing Relay and our Rodeo Bull, which all provide the perfect setting for a great experience, both for the bride and for the rest of the ladies.

For the more adventurous groups, Paintball er also an obvious choice for an action packed Bachelorette Party. At the same time, it is worth considering whether your dinner plans should be conveniently hosted on-site with our delicious DIY BBQ Grill Package or one of our other great on-site dinner options.
Access to our shower facilities is free of charge, and an easy 20 minute transport time to the center makes for a time-saving experience with great activities, dinner at Paintball Arena and easy access to the center of Copenhagen and its night life.

We look forward to welcoming you and the rest of the ladies!

Kids’ Birthday


An unforgettable birthday party and a truly special occassion. With us, a kids’ birthday party is an action-packed day full of challenging games and fun activities – a party for kids of all ages. Laser Games is our most popular choice for a kids’ birthday party

, while Bow Combat https://paintballarena.dk/en/aktivities/bow-combat/ is a great alternative for the kids who are a little older.

At Paintball Arena, the options for having the perfect kids’ birthday are plentiful for both boys and girls. Our packages with Laser Games and and or two extra events have a duration of between 2 and 3 hours, and with our advantageous junior prices (8-15 years) the stage is set for an amazing kids’ birthday.

For the one or more extra activities for our junior packages you can choose between Human Football, Sumo Relay, Gladiator Fight, Rodeo Bull or Dodgeball.

View our kids’ birthday reviews below and gain inspiration for your kids’ birthday party.


It is allowed to bring cake or food (after all, it’s only once a year you get to have your birthday); drinks have to be purchased from our café, where there are options to sit down.

Christmas Party


For a Christmas Party to really get going, you need some great events to entertain the crowd. Challenge eachother in a Paintball showdown, jump head first into a Laser Skeet Shooting contest, or engage in real-life monkey business on our Climbing Relay obstacle course, while following up event(s) with self-grilled, delicious food in plentiful amounts with our DIY BBQ Grill Package.

At Paintball Arena, you have a plethora of options at hand, providing you with lots of options in designing your perfect Christmas Party, with the company or your old friends, with our without us hosting dinner afterwards (in the Christmas season, we even have a Christmas version of the DIY BBQ Grill Package with traditional Danish Christmas food). Dressing rooms and showers are free of charge, so you can be ready to continue your evening in Copenhagen directly after your stay with us. The center is only 15 minutes away by public transport.

Sounds perfect? Our guests think so too; check out our Christmas Party reviews



Company Event


At Paintball Arena, we often host company parties engaged in activities like Teambuilding, Climbing Relay or Laser Games.

Many of our guests take advantage of our dinner options after their challenging events, either by choosing our delicions and reasonably priced DIY BBQ Grill Package, in order to offer as much content in as little time (and with as little transport) as possible, freeing up valuable time for you and your company.

Give us a call on +4532953535 if you have questions about how we should customize your company event in the best possible way, or gain inspiration through our company event reviews below.

We are ready to guide you in the right direction, harnessing more than 12 years of experience hosting company events.



School Event

A trip with the school class

We offer all institutions that pay via EAN or VAT number a highly reduced price, applicable to a long list of our activities (and including the adult(s) overseeing the event). If your are to host a special session for the class, an active excursion, graduation party, seminar, anniversary or something entirely different, well… what are you waiting for?

If you have an event for kids in mind, our most popular event for the age group 6-15 is definitely our package with Laser Games + 1 event (scroll down do see our institution prices); the age of 16, paintball is often selected, as that is the age limit to play paintball (woohoo!).

If you are instead hosting something for the staff, we are more than happy to guide you by phone (+4532953535) or mail (info@paintballarena.dk), so we can customize the perfect event for your team together.

Click on the tab, “PRICES” to scroll through our different packages. Remember that institutions prices only apply for the activities for which an institution price is listed.

Enjoy recess.



Guys’ Night Out

We all need to blow off some steam now an then

Our activities and packages are heavily tilted towards aiming and shooting, be it with a ball, paintball bullets, arrows or invisible laser beams. We can offer you a long list of combinations, while Paintball, Bow Combat and Laser Games are especially adrenaline-inducing for even the toughest warrior, not least if you’re wearing a full-body unicorn- or rabbit costume.

Paintball Arena can give you and your buddy that friend-tattoo you never got around to, represented abstractly in the form of little bruises from the coloured paintballs.

We promise that all our activities invite laughter and competition, but most importantly, the group will bond in a way you would never achieve otherwise.



Girls’ Night Out

Strong independent women

We have nothing against café visits, art exhibitions and walks in Insta-friendly nature, but if you want something involving more adrenaline with the girls, we are ready with the perfect activities for an epic girls’ night out.

If you want your party to be a little different and active, Paintball Arena is the perfect pitstop for your girls’ night out. Get to know one another in a new, action-packed setting with teamwork, energy and quality time together.
Who is the best shooter, and which team can manage to cooperate best? – you go find out.

We offer a wide selection of activities, and we are more than happy to offer consulting on how to customize the perfect programme for you. So spare us the excuses – we have activities suitable for all ages and statures, even for your pregnant girlfriend.

Paintball Arena – so much more than paintball.




Add some action to your Copenhagen-sightseeing

Copenhagen is a beautiful city to explore. Refshaleøen has grown into a must for any Copenhagen sightseeing tour. While you are here, why not add some action to your visit? Bring your group to Copenhagen Paintball Arena for some fun in the historical and impressive B&W building (listed as a Cultural Heritage Site for its importance in Denmark’s industrialization) – we offer great experiences for groups as small as 6 participants, conveniently located in Copenhagen.

If you are short on time (which we recognize is often the case when sightseeing), you might consider fixing dinner plans here and extending your stay with us after your activities. We offer a variety of delicious and reasonably priced dinner options, which you can browse through here: https://paintballarena.dk/en/food-drinks/ (options include sandwiches, our DIY BBQ Grill Menu and much more). This way, you free up extra time to get the most out of your stay in Copenhagen.

If you need some guidance, we are more than happy to help, either via the phone (+4532953535) or mail (info@paintballarena.dk). With more than 12 years of experience, we have the knowledge to address your concerns and help you plan the best possible sightseeing day for you and your group.

Browse our prices below, or go directly to booking at the bottom of this page.