Laser Games

Laser Games – also known as “Laser Tag”, “Laser Shooting” or simply “Laser” – is a fun and harmless shooting game, perfect for stag dos, corporate events, birthday parties, schools, and more. Here you face each other in two teams in a special Laser zone. The playing area is 900m 2 and inflatable shields clearly mark the zone edges.

Before the game starts, all players get a laser gun and a suit, if wanted. The laser keeps track of how many lives, magazines and shots you have left. If you hit an opponent – or if you get hit – this is indicated by a sound and flashing lights.

We keep track of all the shooting data, so when the game is over, you can compare your heroism and see who is the ultimate winner.

Up to 14 people can play in the zone at one time. If you play a laser tournament, you can be as many as 30 people. All teams will have their own zone with smoke machines and a personal instructor who will give a thorough demonstration of how to play. If there is space, you can also choose to play at our paintball arena.

There is no age restriction in Laser Games, making it a good alternative to paintball. However, we recommend that children should be eight years or older, as the equipment can be heavy to carry around.


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