Personal Data


Personal data refers to any and all information which in one way or another can be used to identify you as an individual. When using our site, we collect and process a number of these data points. This happens when generally using the site, signing up for our newsletter, participate in contests or surveys or registering as an account or subscription. We gather and process the following data about you: A unique ID and technical specifications about your PC, tablet or phone, Your IP address, geographic location, and which sites you frequent. If you accept and share any other personal information, we also process and gather your: Name, phone number, Email, address, and payment info. These info would be logged in case of a login or purchase on the site.


We have made the technical and organizational precautions needed to ensure your personal data is processed and stored in a safe and orderly manner, protecting it from illegal deletion, loss, corruption or intrusion. Your data is being kept within the legal bounds of the law.


The data we gather is used to identify you as a user, to show you ads which have the highest likelihood of relevancy to you, to register your purchases and payments, and deliver the services requested – such as sending you newsletters. Your data is also being processed to improve our services and content.

Storage limit

Your data is being kept for as long as the law allows. We delete any and all information as the limit of our storage approaches, or when deemed no longer necessary. The time limit on the individual data is determined by the character of the data, and the reasoning for it being kept. Therefore, it is not possible to state an exact time limit on when data is being deleted.

Sharing of personal data

Data about your use of the website, which ads are displayed and interacted with, geographic location, gender and age demographic etc. are shared with third parties if the data is known You can check which third parties are referred to In the section called “Cookies” above. The data is used to target ads specifically to you. We use several third parties for storage and processing of data. These third parties exclusively process data for the company, and may not use the data for its own interests. Sharing of personal data such as name and email address etc. will only occur if you consent to this. We as a company only use data processers in the EU, or countries which can safely treat and process your data.

Transparency and complaints

You have the right to be informed of which personal data we process in your name. You can also at any time demand to have your info delivered and your consent to further processing removed. If the information being processed about you are wrong or otherwise incorrect, you have the right to have them deleted or changed. If you would like for any of this to take effect, you can write to info@paintballarena.dk. If you wish to complaing about our processing of your data, you also have the option of contacting Datatilsynet.