Our climbing relay race is a competitive team-building activity where the whole team will be challenged both physically and mentally. But fear not, it’s still an activity that everyone will be able participate in.

The climbing course is designed specifically for teams to compete. It is two meters high and poses eight different obstacles and a lot of communication, cooperation and trust is needed in your teams to complete the course successfully. It’s the perfect obstacle course for the adrenalin seeking bachelor/bachelorette party, as an unusual and fun teambuilding experience, or just if you want to get unforgettable memories and stronger bonds with your friends.

2-4 teams are pitted against each other, with up to 6 contestants on each team. There can be up to 24 participants in total and it is up to you to work out the right strategy to reach the finish line. Before you begin, our trained climbing instructors will demonstrate everything you need to know for the activity, so everyone completes the course safely.

The Climbing Relay activity guarantees great entertainment, plenty of laughs and stronger team spirit all round. The Climbing Relay is outdoors and therefore we recommend activewear suitable for the weather conditions.

The activity lasts for 2 hours and includes rental of climbing and safety equipment. It all takes place at our climbing course in central Copenhagen at the B&W shipyard hall at Refshaleøen, Amager. Group sizes can range from 10 to 24 people.

NB: Climbing Relay is an outdoor activity. In case of rain, too much wind or other bad weather conditions affecting safety, Climbing Relay can be changes for other available activities to the listed prices.

Climbing relay

  • 375,- pr. person (min. payment of 8 people)