Human Football is a fun team activity that everyone can play (no dribbling skills required!) The activity can be described as human table football or table football with people.

You will be divided into two teams and will have to find your positions on the field. There will be one goalkeeper for each team and several midfielders and attackers. Each player is forced to hold on to a horizontal pole, which means you will need to coordinate with your teammates next to you in order to pass the ball and score.

It also means that Human Football requires cooperation at the highest level – across the whole team. When it succeeds, you can rejoice like the pros. And when it fails, it’s hilarious for players, opponents and spectators!

There can be up to 12 players on the field at one time. If there are more in your group, we’ll do a tournament. Our judge ensures fair play, and is not afraid to call yellow or red card. Human Football is not suitable for children under ten years.