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Dear guest

Upon your arrival at Paintball Arena, you will be obligated to show your Corona Passport. Every one of the age 15 and above, will be required to have a valid Corona Passport to be allowed on the premisses, even if you’re not participating or just want to borrow the toilet. Therefore, you will get a stamp, by one of our employees, to make sure all our guest meets this requirement. Upon arrival, please ring the doorbell, and wait for an employee to check the Corona Passport.

Are you not able to show us a valid Corona Passport, you will be rejected at the door and denied access to our premises.
It is your responsibility as a guest to have this in order upon arrival. If you don’t, you won’t get back your deposit so make sure that everyone is informed in prober time.

Rules of the Corona Passport
You can get a corona passport in the form of the corona passport app, which is activated using NemID via the Danish health authorities’ MinSundhed app, or as a printed document. If you use a printed corona passport, you must remember to carry valid picture-ID such as a passport or driver’s licence.

The Corona Passport is valid if:

  • You have been vaccinated:
      • Your vaccination passport becomes valid 14 days after your first jab. You must get your second jab within 42 days of the first jab for your vaccination passport to remain valid.
      • If vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson your vaccination passport becomes valid 14 days after your first and only jab.
  • You have tested negative for COVID-19:
      • You can use a negative test result as documentation that for PCR test was taken within the past 96 hours
      • for a rapid antigen test (RAT) within the past 72 hours
  • You have been infected with COVID-19 within the past six months.

 We have the right to ask all guests for a valid picture-ID such as a passport or a driver’s license. This will often be a reality if any of the guests are under the age of 15, as this must be documentable.



  • We always follow the recommendations and guidelines from the government and the National Board of Health
  • We have 12.000 square meters, therefore we can make sure we have plenty space, for all our guest and give you the possibility to keep a sensible distance from other groups.
  • We always have several hand sanitizer disposals available, all over the premise.
  • NO WALK-INS, it’s not possible to visit without a booking.
  • We never mix different groups on one activity.
  • All activities will be cleaned with Biocid between guests/groups.
  • We always use professional cleaning products.
  • Our Café is set up with several sections, so it’s easy to keep distance to other groups/guests.
  • All our employees are well informed and knows these guidelines.
  • We encourage all our guest to show consideration and be respectful of others and guidelines

 Sincerely Paintball Arena


Are you looking for an indoor paintball experience? A fun teambuilding event with your co-workers? Maybe you’re just a good old fashioned adrenalin junkie?

With 16 different activities and 12.000 square meters, will Paintball Arena be the perfect provider of your great experience.






Enter our 6000m2 indoor paintball zone and show your friends or colleagues who’s boss.

Grab your laser gun and see how many times you can take out your enemys before time runs out.

Laser Games

Laser skeet shooting 

A Competitive team game with 10 simultaneous shooters, scoreboard and flying clays

Find your primary hunting instinct in this Hunger Games inspired archery teamfight

Bow Combat

Climbing relay

Our climbing relay race is a competitive team-building activity where the whole team will be challenged both physically and mentally.

Blue monday

Blue Monday should be a fun and memorable day for everyone. We therefore offer five different Blue Monday deals for you and your classmates.

Stag party

What’s the most annoying thing about most stag parties? The hours of transport from place to place. At Paintball Arena, everyting you could want is available in one place, and located in central Copenhagen.


Let your inner sniper loose and hunt friends and colleagues around 6000 action-packed square meters.

Climbing realy

Our climbing relay race is a competitive team-building activity where the whole team will be challenged both physically and mentally.

Meeting room

When you book an event at Paintball Arena, we provide a large, rustic meeting room free of charge.


Refshalevej 177 A,
1432 København K