What is paintball?


Paintball is a game where you shoot at each other with so-called paintball markers. When you hit an opponent, he/she is then “marked” and out of the game. There are many different kinds of games. A typical game takes about 4-10 minutes depending on the number of participants. Paintballs are made of gelatin capsules containing water-based paint, which can be washed from the clothes within three days.

Are there age restrictions on paintball?

Yes. To play paintball you must be at least 16 years old, according to Danish law. If you are you over 16 but under 18, we require that you bring ID and written consent of a parent or guardian. Download written consent template

How many paintballs do we need for a game?

For two hours of paintball, the average paintballs required are just under 400 paintballs per person. We therefore recommend that you go for the Silver package containing 400 paintballs. If you are on a tight budget, the Bronze Package is recommended. For advanced players, the Gold Package is the way to go. The price per paintball gradually gets lower and lower as you move up in size of paintball package purchased. See paintball prices


Do you sell packages with an unlimited number of paintballs?

No. These packages are not good value for money for you. Some paintball companies will try to rip you off by selling “unlimited paintball packages” that you will not have time to use up before the game is over. At Paintball Arena we believe in giving you the best possible experience, rather than overcharging you. You only pay for what you have ordered, and if you run out of paintballs halfway through, you can always purchase extra.

How much do paintballs cost?

To play paintball each player pays for a start-up package that contains all the neccessary equipment, plus 50 paintballs each. If you wish to buy more paintballs, we have several different packages. See paintball prices 

Can we bring our own paintballs

No. It is forbidden to bring your own paintballs to Paintball Arena, as it poses a safety risk.

Does it hurt to get hit by a paintball?

In most cases, no. But it depends on where on the body you get hit. The worst shot is still bearable and we have not yet seen crying or similar due to getting hit. At Paintball Arena all players wear a mask, gloves and a freshly washed suit that protects from the pain. The mask protects the face, and therefore it is no more dangerous than other sports.

Can I participate alone?

No. Unfortunately it is not possible to come and play alone. Instead, pick your own team of at least 8 people for paintball, climbing relay or teambuilding, and 10 people for all other activities. Consider bringing a group of friends or write on our Facebook page, where sometimes others are also looking for people to play with.

Can I join a paintball club?

Yes you can. Reball Arena has two fixed training days per week, which take place in Paintball Arena’s hall. If you’re interested, you can read more on www.reballarena.dk


How far in advance should we book?

We recommend being in good time in order to be sure to find a time that works for you. We are usually fully booked on Saturday so if you want to play on a Saturday, it is even more vital that you book far ahead. You can easily reserve a time, even if you do not know the exact number of participants.  

Do we have to pay for a minimum number of participants?

Yes. To play paintball you must pay for a minimum of 8 people. For other activities you must pay for a minimum of 10 people. It may be possible to be fewer participants, so long as you pay the price for the minimum number. Example: 5 people would like to play Human Football (price per person DKK 125). The minimum price would therefore be (DKK 125 x 10 =) DKK 1250, so, per person, DKK 250.  

How can I find out if the day we want is available?

Send a booking request on our website and you will get a confirmation back if the chosen time is available. If the time you want is fully booked, we will contact you to find another time.  

What happens if we have last minute cancellations or new additions to the group?

If there are one or two cancellations or new additions, it does not matter. You pay on the day, so the price is simply adjusted accordingly. Remember that you will always have to pay for a minimum of 8 people for paintball and a minimum of 10 people for other activities. If the number in your group changes a lot – we would appreciate that you notify us by email or phone.


Do we have to pay a deposit?

Yes. To confirm your booking you must pay a deposit of DKK 1000. The deposit is the same for all activities regardless of the number of participants. It must be paid at least 14 days before the event. If the activity is more than 28 days in the future, the deposit must be paid latest, 14 days after you have made your booking. You can pay by credit card or MobilePay via the payment link in your confirmation email. Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer to the Arbejdernes Landsbank, Reg. 5301 Account. 0274317. Remember to enter you customer number in the comment box if you use this option.  

When do we pay the rest?

You pay the rest at Paintball Arena on the day. We accept credit cards, including most foreign cards.  

Can we get our deposit back if we cancel our reservation?

Yes. But be aware that you must cancel no later than 10 days before your activity is due to take place in order to receive your deposit back. If you cancel after this deadline, we will withhold the deposit. You can, however, reuse it if you wish to book an activity again within the following 3 months. If you cancel less than 48 hours before the activity is due to take place, the deposit will not be refunded – and it cannot be reused on a different date. Cancellation must be made in writing to info@paintballarena.dk or orally by calling (+45) 32 95 35 35. Please have your booking information ready when you cancel. If you cancel by sending us an email, please include your customer or booking number.  

Terms and conditions

See all our terms and conditions here.


How do we get there?

Paintball Arena is located in the old B&W halls at Refshaleøen, Amager. The address is: Refshalevej 177A, 1432 Copenhagen K, Denmark. You have a 6 minutes walk from the terminal station for bus 9A to Paintball Arena which, with our 6000 m2 arena, has everything to offer, if you are looking for something active and fun to do with your friends, colleagues, classmates or family members. If you want to take the maritime route to Paintball Arena, a good option is the Bus Ferry which departs from Nordre Toldbod (located right next to The Little Mermaid), which sails directly to Refshaleøen, from where you have a 10 minute walk to Copenhagen Paintball Arena.



By checking in at our café, you have 4 hours of free parking as a Paintball Arena customer, so keep your vehicle’s registration number ready upon arrival. Check-in is done through the display on our parking-tablet located in the café. The duration can be extended by checking in again, if you are staying for longer than 4 hours.


What is the environmental impact of paintball?

Every year, millions of paintball bullets are fired at Paintball Arena. With this comes a natural environmental responsibility, which we take very seriously. Consequently, all our paintball bullets are made from the environmentally friendly and biodegradable OIL-FREE ECO-FILL™ to ensure the absolute minimal negative environmental impact when you and your friends are out playing paintball on our fields.


When are you open?

Paintball Arena is open from 8am – midnight daily. We require that you book your activity in advance. You can do that here on our website. The reason we ask you to book in advance is that we cannot guarantee staffing if you simply show up. Please note that our telephone hours are Monday – Thursday, 9am -5pm and Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Is parking free?

By checking in at our café, you have 4 hours of free parking as a Paintball Arena customer (keep your vehicle’s registration number ready upon arrival). This period can be extended by checking in again, if you are staying longer than 4 hours.

Can we bring food and drinks?

Food, yes. Drinks, no. You are welcome to bring your own food or cake, so long as drinks are bought in our café. Prices of drinks 

Is it possible to hold company events at Paintball Arena?

Yes. There are many opportunities to hold your company event with us. We have many years experience in organising such events and we can tailor-make a super day for your company. You can choose between our many games and teambuilding activities.

Do we have the space to ourselves?

Yes. You will always get the game zone or activity to yourselves.

Do we get our own instructor?

Yes. A personal instructor is assigned to each group and they will make sure you have a great experience. The instructor also assists with organising the game, safety, team division, game types, points, etc.

Do you have showers?

Yes. We have shower facilities, changing rooms and lockers for both men and women. They are free to use for our guests. Remember to bring your towel and a change of clothes and shoes.

Can we store our valuables whilst we play?

Yes. You have access to lockers that can be locked with a 20 kroner coin. Remember to bring change to use for the lockers.