Paintball Arena boasts the largest indoor paintball course in Europe. Located in the old shipyard out at Refshaleøen, it is also one of the most central event centers in Copenhagen.

Let your inner sniper loose and hunt friends and colleagues. Your group will always get to play in your own zone, with a personal instructor to help and guide you throughout your visit.

We will guide you through different games and customize the experience to suit your needs and level of experience, always with the safety as our top priority. If you have an idea for a game mode, our instructor will always do their absolute best to make that happen for you.

All the equipment that you need is provided – from the camouflage suits, masks, gloves and neck protectors to the efficient and accurate paintball guns. We provide changing facilities, you can borrow one of our many shoes and showers too, so you can wash off all the sweat and paint when you’re finished playing. Choose Paintball Arena for an All-inclusive experience.

Note that Danish law requires paintball participants to be at least 16 years of age. Participants under 18 need to bring a signed permission from a parent or guardian to play paintball
Download permission template

Paintball (Bronze-package: 250 bullets pr. person)

  • 425,- pr. person (min. payment of 8 people)

Paintball (Silver-package: 400 bullets pr. person)

  • 475,- pr. person (min. payment of 8 people)

Paintball (Gold-package: 500 bullets pr. person)

  • 525,- pr. person (min. payment of 8 people)