Laser Games

Laser Games, or as it is perhaps more commonly known, Laser Tag, is the perfect game for those who want their adrenaline and heartbeat pumping, without the pain of most other active shooter games. This makes it perfect for all ages, and all types of groups. So, whether it’s the children’s birthday, the company event, or the school class which needs some bonding, this is a fun and non-hazardous solution.

Our field is 570 m2, so there is plenty of space to run. Combined with the inflatable obstacles, our field becomes challenging and allows you to move around, hide, sneak up on and charge your opponents.

We use lights and sounds as indicators, and the only two things you will need to bring onto the field is a headband and a gun.at the end of the round, you will be able to see High scores and statistics as kills, deaths, kills to death ratio, who drew the first blood, and laugh with the Grave lover (the person who got killed the most). Thus, everybody, regardless of age and physical condition, can have fun and be a part of the game.

However, since the guns are still slightly big, it is advised that children are at least 7 years of age but we will never ban a younger child from participating.

We guarantee up to 20 participating players at once, and if you want to be more we will have a tournament with a winning team at the end of the game time. We have one field indoor, and another two outdoors, which are all lit up to prevent injuries – but retain all the fun.

Whether you want a live counter strike tournament, your kids want to try to simulate Fortnite, or if you just want a super fun day with lots of joy and teambuilding, our laser games is something for you!

Laser + 1 activity of your own choosing*

  • 375,- pr. person (min. payment of 10 people)