Party Tent

Do your party a favour and have it here, with us. We have a 200 square metre tent just waiting for you. Regardless of whether it’s the big office party, the summer party of the neighborhood, or maybe the football team’s Christmas party, we are ready for you.

Fitting up to 200 people, only your fantasy is the limit of what can happen out here. Of course, this means we are open to hear what YOU want. Are you planning a lightshow worthy of an AC/DC concert? Are you bringing your own speakers? Or do you want to do some of our activities and eat some of our delicious food. It’s all up to you.

With the tent is included tables and chairs, fairylights, a bar area, beer pong tables, large BBQ grills, and heat lamps with real fire.

We also offer that you can buy open bar and catering – you can rent a soundbox, servers, entertainment and events, a carry out bar, foodtrucks, heat cannons, DJ and a lightpanel.

Write to us and tell us what your dream scenario is, at info@paintballarena.dk – then we will give you a good price within just a single business day.

Price: 1600 pr/h and up