3-2-1 GO!


Our team-building activities are all about communication, cooperation and (healthy) competition. Besides our popular Climbing Relay, we offer a wide range of other team-building games and events, where two teams compete against each other. All activites are based in Amager close to the centre of Copenhagen.

Other team building activities include our Soma Cube game where you need to collect a Mega Soma Cube, our “Cross-the-swamp” activity, where teams work together to cross a swamp with only two planks. You can also choose our Triangle Rafting Relay, The Evolution Game, Minefield, Card Pyramid and many more fun, challenging activities.

A team-building activity at Paintball Arena typically lasts two hours. In that time, you should, depending on team size, complete around 3-5 activities. The activities are aimed primarily at companies, but can be booked by any group who want to try their hand at team building in Copenhagen.


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