After you’ve exhausted yourselves having a great time in our event center, you’ve earned yourselves something good to eat and drink. And the good news is, you don’t need to go anywhere!

We offer a delicious Grill-it-yourself package with everything your heart desires. You are responsible for preparation and serving of the meat – we take care of the rest.

The BBQ-package contains:

  • 250 gram well hung streak of calf
  • Large frankfurter
  • Bean salad with cherry tomatos, light dressing, crunch and croutons
  • Cold potato salad
  • Small oven-baked potatoes
  • Bread and extras (ketchup, remoulade, mustard, roasted onions, salt and pepper)
  • Self-service gas grill, cutlery and crockery

Drinks can be purchased in our café.

Special requests

.You can switch out the frankfurter sausage with chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce dibbed in sesame no charge added.

Vegetarians can order fish or vegetable packages as an alternative.

    For allergies (Gluten, Lactose etc.), another option can be arranged upon request.

    Price: DKK189 incl.. VAT. (N.B. You can book a minimum 10 grill-yourself packages).

    All orders have to be booked at least 5 business days before event date, and cannot be changed later than 2 business days before.



    At this time of the year it is possible to order a christmas edition of our popular DIY Grill-product. The Danish christmas food is premade and only needs to be heated on the grill available on location. In other words, you prepare the food, we take care of the rest.

    • Own-Barbecue-Grill-package”
    • Large frankfurter, 250 g beef of veal
    • Bean salad with cherry tomatoes, mild dressing and crunch
    • Cold potato salad
    • baked potatoes.
    • Accessories (ketchup, remoulade, mustard, roasted onions, salt, pepper)

    Your own gas-grill and cutlery

    Vegetarians can order the vegetarian burger, fish or vegetables-packages as an alternative.

    Price 189 kr. (ATT.: minimum 10 “Own-barbecue-grill-packages). Order 5 day before at the latest.


    Sandwich options:

    • Salmon
    • Ham cheese
    • Eggs and shrimps
    • chicken salad
    • club Sandwich
    • vegetarian
    • roast beef

    Sandwich contains:

    Land piece, creamcheese, heart salad, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion

    Price: 60, – incl. VAT. (Note: minimum 10 food packages).