paintball arena

6000 m2

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Looking for Copenhagen’s best paintball game zones? Maybe you’re organising a fun event for your team or friends, or else you’re just a regular adrenalin junkie. With plenty of challenging activities – and more than 12,000m2 to play on – Paintball Arena is perfect for every occasion.


paintballmand dust

Enter our 6000m2 indoor paintball zone and show your friends or colleagues who's boss.

Sir, yes sir

Laser Games

lasertag dust

Grab your laser gun and see how many times you can take out your enemys before time runs out.

I'm ready!


hjelm dust

Develop your team's collaboration and communication skills (and have a good laugh) with our challenging team building activities.

Go team


poelser dust

No worries about dinner - start your meatfest right here. You get to turn the steaks, we'll take care of the rest.

paintball map