Paintball Arena


Bow Combat

BOW combat games dust

Find your primary hunting instinct in this Hunger Games inspired archery teamfight

Lets go' Katniss

Party Tent


Do your party a favour, and host it with us. Never has it been easier to have fun - together.

Time 4 fun!

Football Pool


Soccer freaks vs. pool geeks; who's the biggest looser?

Shoot! Go!

Football Darts


It's like dart, without the arrows. And like soccer, without.. well, anything but the ball (now equipped with velcro)


Football Tennis


Football, tennis and volleyball walk into a bar.. it sounds like the start of a bad joke, but unlike with jokes, with us you are guaranteed to have fun!

Ready. Go!

Laser skeet shooting


A Competitive team game with 10 simultaneous shooters, scoreboard and flying clays

Launch clays


paintballmand dust

Enter our 6000m2 indoor paintball zone and show your friends or colleagues who's boss.

Sir, yes sir

Laser Games

lasertag dust

Grab your laser gun and see how many times you can take out your enemys before time runs out.

I'm ready!


hjelm dust

Develop your team's collaboration and communication skills (and have a good laugh) with our challenging team building activities.

Go team


poelser dust

No worries about dinner - start your meatfest right here. You get to turn the steaks, we'll take care of the rest.



champagne dust

Plan the perfect stag party right in the centre of Copenhagen - avoid spending hours on transport.

Yes please

Human football

human football dust

Human Football is a fun team activity that everyone can play (no dribbling skills required!)


Gladiator fight

gladiatorhjelm dust

Gladiator Fight is a reinterpretation of the contests from the ancient Roman arenas.

I salute you

Climbing relay

klatrestafet dust

Our climbing relay race is a competitive team-building activity where the whole team will be challenged both physically and mentally.




A room full of games - Arcade and pinball machines, xl-foosball, beerpong, boardgames and lots of drinking games

Game Room

Sumo relay

sumodragt dust

Sumo Relay is a fun, physically demanding activity where teams compete to be first across the finish line.

Believe it


hoevdingebold dust

You remember it from school. And now everyone's favourite team game all has finally made it to the Paintball Arena program. And it's an even better version!

Bulls eye!

Rodeo Bull

bull dust

Rodeo riding is the classic cowboy discipline of staying seated on the bull as long as possible.

Ride it!

Conference room

moedelokale dust

When you book an event at Paintball Arena you can also rent our rustic conference room

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